Trimsheet Maker Pro v1.0.0

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Trimsheet Maker Pro (for use in Substance Designer) is an sbar file which can be used to quickly and easily combine multiple materials (or images) into a single map.

A video overview of how the tool works can be viewed here.


  • Textures are automatically scaled by powers of 2 to ensure uniform texel density.

  • Trimsheets can be laid out horizontally or vertically.

  • Users can combine up to 8 materials per node.

  • Nodes can be linked together in order to tile more than 8 materials (not included in free version).

  • A Color Id map is output to assist studios who wish to create a tool for organizing UVs based on tile colors. (Tool not included. Feature is not included in free version).

  • Works with Rectangular Textures.

  • Tiling can be disabled in order for users to create atlas maps or mix decals with trims (Pro version only).

NOTE: This SBAR was designed for use inside of Substance Designer ONLY! While you might be able to use the SBAR files outside of Substance Designer, this hasn't be tested and I can't guarantee the product will function as intended.

(Single) End-User License Agreement

For Studio Purchases

The SBS file is for SD 11.3.1 If you need an earlier version, please contact me directly at before purchasing, to verify I can provide you with the desired version.

(Multi) End-User License Agreement

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Trimsheet Maker Pro v1.0.0

4 ratings
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