Maya Cascadeur Bridge

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Easily move data between Maya and Cascadeur with this free Maya add-on.

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  • Download the included maya_casc_installer . zip
  • Unzip the folder
  • Open the folder and run the exe
    • This installer currently doesn't automatically deal with limited user write permissions. If you need elevated permissions, please run the application as you normally would and then the installer will tell you when to rerun as an admin.
  • Notes:
    • Python 3 is required for Maya 2022.



  • Support for Cascadeur 2024.1
  • Stand alone installer for installing, upgrading, and removing. (Installer downloadable from Gumgroad)


  • Updated the installer to support upgrading if a previous install is found.
  • Added a preferences menu.
  • Added support for exporting sparse key data.
  • Fixed textures not being sent to Cascadeur in certain situations.


  • Bug fixes for Maya 2022.


  • Error: When turning on physics you might receive an error message of "Autophysics: Interval length for selected center of mass is less than 3 frames."This is because the layer that has the center of mass object only has one keyframe on it. To fix this error either move the center of mass to the body layer or set a keyframe at the end of the animation.
  • UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte. Currently the best fix for this error is to change your window's settings to allow UTF-8 for universal language support. This can be in Windows Settings → Time & language → Language & region → Administrative language settings → Change system locale.
  • 'utf-8' error going between Maya and Cascadeur, please run Maya in administrative mode.

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Maya Cascadeur Bridge

11 ratings
I want this!